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我是用附上的盐卤, 叫magnesium chloride, 是一种蛋白凝固剂.
做豆付依他们的分量是100g黄豆, 1500ml水和2.5g盐卤.

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Oh... I'm planning to try taufufah out soon.. thanks thanks!!!

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I tried making tofufah today!!!!
I used 1/2 level TBsp of gypsum (sek ko, Calcium Sulfate, bought from chinese medical halls),
I mixed the gypsum, wtaer and cornstarch into the crockpot and poured the boiling soy milk into it.
When the tofufah was almost finished, the undissolved gypsum all sank to the bottom, like "Vim, cleaning powder"

I didn't do enough research about Gypsum, and later I did find out that gypsum is not very soluble.
and then I didn't know I should put mix the gypsum +cornstarch + water, and pour it over a strainer lined with cheesecloth, and then pour the boiling soy milk over the cheesecloth to further dissolve it.

NExt time I knw what to to. I don't know where to get Magnesium chloride here, as that is very soluble.

Another question, my tofufah wasn't smooth... like got curdled, inside, but mouthfeel was fine, just that it looks ugly. I did stir it once after I poured it in, but that was like almost immediately after I poured in. Does stirring affect the texture?

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sorry, 1/2 Tbsp gypsum was for 2L soy milk. Left that out. The level of hardness was just right.

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1/3 of the original recipe should be 170g soy bean, 2L water, 1 teaspoon “sekgoufen”, 1 tablespoon corn flour. It doesn’t matter plus or minus a little bit of the recipe.

The trickiest part for making tofu and tofufah is the speed and the force when you mix the soy milk with gypsum mixture. If it doesn’t mix well, it won’t jadi. Yes, stirring will definitely affect the texture of tofufah. Actually you can’t move the pot until it set. What I usually do: put the pot on the floor, lift the soy milk up, and pour it into the pot like making a circle, then pour the rest of soy milk in the middle. It will make lots of bubbles.

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Oh.. even stirring immediately after i put down the soy pot also got effect..... okok, next time I will not. And I will pour it from as far as possible.
Oh ya, about making tofufah in the slow cooker pot? any reasons for that?